Tricks that will help you deal better with people around you

It is said that communications is an art how you will portrait your view and get your work done, we come in contact with all kinds of people in day to day life, effective way of communications will help you to get your work done and you don’t have to play any mind game to get it done. Actually, it is less of the effort.

Let’s keep it straight and humble.

Don’t give excuse for being late, think of the person who is waiting for you, by saying “Thank You” you are appreciating the time he or she has spent waiting and make you humble and shows that you “care ” of their time , also divert the mind to something such as coffee or food, that helps people to cool down.

Conversation related to work should be close ended, do not keep it open ended.

When you are speaking to any one you make sure you keep a time line for it rather giving them luxury to find loop hole in conversation.

Appreciate the effort, also tell them what you like.

Mostly people do something to impress or be grateful to you, and you don’t like the things which they are giving you. So be humble to accept with good gesture and tell them what you like.

How to Make first move in the conversation.

People often hesitate to open any conversation with strangers or any new person, but actually it is easy to do. Do not discuss “WORK” as starting conservation, discus about the person and ask about their liking and make him/her comfortable. Remember “Everybody Wants to Be Heard”.

Don’t Complain, be a problem solver.

We people are working there are changes that they will do it wrong and if you keep telling them their mistakes, they will not be around. So, step in and help, you might find a different way to solve it.

Negative Start.

When your want to seek help, avoid saying “can you help me?” or “do you have time?”. These phrases are considered as negative start. It’s time to be creative. Start by saying, “I have checked it, still I want your opinion, I believe you can do a value addition”. Just by saying this it shows you value his/her opinions.

Rejecting or disagreement.

Creative difference will always be there, so don’t get into a heated argument, just say “I don’t fully agree on it, Let’s explore different angle”.

How to counter rejection on disagreement.

Asking them by saying, “I know every idea has scope of improvement, I would appreciate your suggestions”

Don’t be a “YES” person.

Being a yes person you will lose importance, so saying “No” is equally important. This helps you to save time in unnecessary conversation. Every No should be backed by logical reasoning.

PR is Important.

If people seek you, when you are not around, that means you have gained your position and make sure it remains like.